Your infinite Power to be Rich - GYPO

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A very powerful and beautifully written book with lots of examples of how people have used and benefited from these spiritual techniques. Much more than just about getting rich.

As a reader of success books, I felt compelled to read the works by Joseph Murphy. As with many of this genre of books, there are religious elements throughout. The key for any religion reading these books(I am a Christian) is not to suspend your core beliefs but use them as the foundation for what you are reading.

The key concept is that wealth and worthiness are not mutually exclusive or diametrically opposed. He explains that as a creation made after the image of God, we have great creative power through thoughts, words and divine action. There is a focus on the sub-conscious mind and how we gain access to brilliant ideas and perfect action through imagination and focused thought. 

Meditation exercises are encouraged to bring thoughts created through the conscious mind into "captivity" to allow the subconscious mind to change conditions through positive thought and imagery. As an author of sales and success books, I believe in the concepts and he gives simple, sound advice on using these techniques.

He uses real word testimonies that give the reader a chance to correlate the teachings to their own lives.

The value of this books and others (by Murphy and various authors) is that they resonate with us and the innate abilities we have as human beings. Like the title "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, the name is misleading. We all desire/need material possessions and that is healthy until the drive for things becomes higher than the desire for service to mankind...again...those are not in opposition and Murphy addresses that in this book.

Good supportive reading for those already schooled in success principles, but would not be my first choice for those new to the genre.

Amazing. It makes u conect with the power in you, to understand yourself better, to know what means exactly GOD, Divine Soul and how is all with this stuff we call MAGNET from within us.

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